Jason Spencer: Entrepreneur based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area

A Unique Approach to Business

Jason SpencerJason Spencer has nearly a decade of professional experience in finance and consulting. His career is marked by his two-pronged approach to business. He aims to generate great change and alleviate financial stress for individuals and families but he knows that this can only happen with a keen understanding of our current economic infrastructure.

Pairing his higher education and his hands-on experience in finance and business administration, Jason has established himself as a forward-thinking entrepreneur who has the acumen to bring his big-picture goals into reality.

Jason earned his Bachelor of Finance from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He earned his MBA in International Business, Trade, and Commerce from Queens University in 2012, and his MBA in Business Administration and Operations from Cornell University in 2013.  Jason gained years of managerial and advisory experience in debt, investment, and money management strategies at various institutions before taking the leap to found his own entrepreneurial venture, Student Loan Relief, Inc, in 2011.

Balancing this new endeavor with his schooling, Jason worked tirelessly to grow the organization as a comprehensive resource for individuals and families who struggled with federal student debt. He built the company philosophy on pillars of competence, independence, and personal service and support. These values were emphasized in each and every financial plan that the Student Loan Relief, Inc team created for graduates. Jason wanted to make sure that the plans were refreshingly simple for customers; however, this required a lot of complex research, planning, and upkeep on the business side. As Chief Executive Officer, Jason maintained this tricky balance and successfully ran the organization through 2016.

A self-made man with core competencies in finance, strategic planning, and business development, Jason Spencer is always interested in finding ways to get involved in his community and lead people to financial freedom. He is a member of the Board of Directors seat for Nino’s Del Sol, a children’s home in Cuzco, Peru. He is also a major supporter of Cornell’s scholarship fund, which helps those that can’t afford tuition achieve their goal of attending an Ivy League University.

Jason lives in Dallas, Texas with his loyal companion, his bulldog Romeo. He is currently seeking out new business opportunities. This blog will cover important lessons in entrepreneurship that Jason Spencer has distilled over the course of his career.

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